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Prestige Research Solutions has tapped into territory currently untouched by any other Policy Tracing Service with the creation of the MyPRS Portal. The portal is designed for better accuracy and efficiency, two things we take very seriously. Once signed up and logged in, clients are able to submit cases for review, manage their online wallet and payment information, and obtain results- all in one convenient place. 

The MyPRS portal is equipped with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to prevent "Phishing" and other fraudulent attempts to gain information. The server also utilizes Stripe as a payment gateway to ensure that all transfers are secured and protected including payment information. 

We are now offering a 15% discount on all prepaid cases. On the portal, you will have the option to pre-fund your account. Prestige will match 15% of your deposit and this percentage will be added to your balance. Alternatively, you will still be able to conveniently and securely pay on a case to case basis if you so choose. Due to the requirements of Stripe, payment will be required before the release of limits. 

Register for the MyPRS Portal today to experience the future of policy tracing. Establish treatment plans and maximize settlements with the information you could soon receive, right at your fingertips. 



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request an account

Follow the link below to register for a

MyPRS Portal account. 


wait for approval

You can still submit a case request while you wait by visiting the 'Request Form' tab on the menu above, or following the link below. 


submit a case

Once your secure MyPRS Portal account is verified, you can begin submitting cases by logging in with your credentials. 

Request an Account
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